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Old 07/27/05, 08:25 AM
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Question Bushel / Lug??? huh??

my mother in law is an old time southern gardener. I grew up in the North..

We bought everything by the bushel or Peck.. She keeps referring to buying tomatoes in a lug.. lug?? what in the heck is a lug??
She doesnt know how much a bushel is compaired to a lug...

and as far as she in concerned I am clueless about everything anyway.. I would really rather not ask her more about it and confirm this lol

Anybody know??
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Old 07/27/05, 09:07 AM
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I've found several different meanings for 'lug', but none which relate to measurements!

However, the following site gives measurements for pecks and bushels etc.

Why not ask your MIL to measure out a 'lug' of something, and then you physically measure it in pints or pounds of whatever?
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Old 07/27/05, 10:08 AM
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I got curious and had to investigate. It turns out that a lug is a method of packing, such as a crate or carton.

Here's what I found on this site => (They've also got pictures.)

Usually refers to a container that is placepacked in two or three layers, depending on the crop.

Lugs can also be bulk-filled. They are made of wood, corrugated fiberboard, or a combination of both.

Standard dimensions are 16 1/8 x 13 1/4 inches with varying depths.

Ventilation slots provide airflow and drainage to accelerate cooling and maintain freshness. Locking pegs limit container movement to prevent product damage during transport.

Capable of holding 8, 12, and 16 oz cartons or loose product. Designed for picking and shipping produce.

Produce Lugs stack and nest with either a 180 turn or with a 90 turn."

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Old 07/27/05, 11:51 AM
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Thanks! that was a big help!!
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Old 07/27/05, 12:05 PM
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When fruit is sold by the lug it is usually packaged in a standard box. It is sold by weight rather than by bushel, half bushel, peck etc. The weight varies with the kind of fruit sold. We have to buy our fruit here by the lug because it is shipped in and not grown locally. For instance I bought a lug of peaches at the store today. It weighed 17 pounds. A bushel of peaches should weigh about 48 pounds. According to my Blue Book a bushel of tomatoes weighs 53 pounds. Ask how many pounds in her lugs and then you can compare.

Even in the north some things are sold by the lug. Cherries are an example of that. I usually bought blueberries by the pound but they are probably sold also by the lug.
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Old 07/29/05, 08:28 PM
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Both a bushel and a lug will have differing weights depending upon the type and average size of produce they contain. Also lugs will vary somewhat in shape, size, layering.

A bushel of tomatoes is 53 lbs. A lug of tomatoes is 32 lbs.

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