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Old 12/19/04, 10:33 AM
Sylvia's Avatar  
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: PA
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overrun by squirrels

I live in the city where the squirrel population is out of control. They have no natural enemies -- even the feral cat population give them wide berth! I've had them eat through my plastic compost bins, and even through my screen window. My neighbors are all complaining that they, too, lost tomatoes (they take a few bites ) herb and salad greens, strawberry plants, etc.. Trash day is just another smorgasbord to them.

I've seen the traps available, but I'm too squeemish. I know someone in another city that actually gives traps them and gives them to his dogs to eat. I came across a book called Squirrel Wars that really hit home.

I have a spare bedroom that I jokingly told my son I was going to offer as a B&B. Free bed and board to anyone who wants to catch their own squirrel for meals -- I even have a squirrel stew recipe from a historical cookbook. What the heck, I've had quail, pheasant, rabbit, porcupine and venison. Any takers?

Seriously though, how do you deal with them?

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Old 12/19/04, 12:46 PM
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In Remembrance
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Buy a pellet gun and do some target practice? Or get some live traps and drown them.
I believe in God's willingness to heal.

Cyngbaeld's Keep Heritage Farm, breeding a variety of historical birds and LaMancha goats. (It is pronounced King Bold.)
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Old 12/19/04, 01:10 PM
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Location: Canada
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In town are big grey squirrels that are also in high population. I don't live there and people live with them for the most part are not allowed to be harmed.
Where I am in the country are small red squirrels. They are pesky and raid feed, bird feeders, try chewing at the eaves, nest in the garage, etc. etc.
My terriers are good at treeing them where I can pop them off with a 22 or pellet gun if I want to spend a lot of time at it, so generally I give that up after a while. You dispense with one squirrel and anther comes within days to take it's place. I don't have any permanent solution and put up with what little harm that they eventually do. Put feed in a metal chew proof container. Line eaves and house soffits with metal so they won't find a way to work their way into your attic. Maybe a mean cat could put a run on them. You might try a big rat trap nailed to a tree and keep baiting it, remove the vermin, and keep resetting and catching the squirrels. Have fun.
The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.
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Old 12/20/04, 08:24 AM
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: ontario
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Maybe look into aquiring a rat terrior, I think this type of dog may be an answer to your problem.
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Old 12/20/04, 09:19 AM
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Michigan
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Originally Posted by jackie c
Maybe look into aquiring a rat terrior, I think this type of dog may be an answer to your problem.
I watched Ellen and she had this very same problem, but I can't remember what she did for might want to email her on her website and ask was really funny how they were bothering her, though. We have them here in Detroit, but they don't bother anyone...
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Old 12/20/04, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Sylvia
I live in the city where the squirrel population is out of control.
Seriously though, how do you deal with them?

I bought a bunch of rubber snakes from the dollar store and I drape them on my special plants and put them strategically in pots. It doesn't keep them outta the yard, but they don't look for that "nut they never buried" in my orchids anymore.

I also babysit my friends dogs when they go out of town.The dogs usually get 1 or 2 every visit and the squirrels avoid the yard for a few days after.
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Old 12/23/04, 09:38 PM
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Check out Jerry Baker's book on garden solutions. I believe he has some good advice on squirrels. Good luck.

BeckyW. "on the sunrise side of the everlasting hills"
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Old 12/24/04, 05:03 AM
Join Date: May 2002
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The Farm Show magazine advertised a strob light that will drive most any animal away. It only cost 19.95. It ran on a single D battery. The problem that I could see is the battery only lasted one day. Our school buses have strob lights on top that show up through fog for a great distance. They opperate on 12 volts. One of those would not require new batteries all the time.
They claimed they discovered its value when someone who had groundhogs taking over his barn set one in the barn. They said the ground hogs left and never returned.
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Old 12/25/04, 06:40 PM
bonnie lass's Avatar
Semper Fi
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Fox urine, $15.95 at
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Old 12/26/04, 01:00 PM
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Location: SE Idaho
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most of the trapping supply stores sell urine to and it is pretty effective.
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