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Old 11/30/04, 12:07 AM
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Homestead Layout

Iím putting together a layout of a possible homestead on an acre. DW and I are meeting in the middle. If I put up a privacy fence, I get behind the fence and she gets the house in front of the fence. My thoughts are using Ĺ an acre for the animals except the end 30ft. That gives me about 100ft x 70ft for pasture (two dairy goats) and then a 100ft x 30ft area for an orchard. Spacing 10ft apart that should give me 30 trees. On the ľ acre next to the orchard, I planned a vineyard of 20ft x 30ft, a berry patch of 30ft x 60ft, and a 60ft x 80ft garden. The last ľ acre I want to plant hay (clover or alfalfa). I want to put a few bee hives between the orchard and berries.

Is this a feasible plan? Is there a better layout available? What type of border planting can I put out that will give me something besides privacy? I donít want to plant a hedge row if I can put something down that will give me a meal.
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Old 11/30/04, 06:52 AM
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To Close

Your to close on your fruit trees you could get 15 in a 100 X 30 and that is about it. You will have to buy most of your feed for your goats as it takes 1/4 acre per goat to keep them happy and the pasture from not getting aye down to the ground. I think for what you want 5 acres would be better as this would give you some growing room.If you stay with 1 acre then make your spot used for garden fruit and grapes and if you want a stock go with 25 hens or 12 turkeys as they make manures for garden and great eggs and meat .
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Old 11/30/04, 11:09 AM
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Michigan
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DWs family are crop farmers so I planned on getting my grains from there in return for meat. My family has a cattle farm with hay fields, so instead of planting the 1/4 acre of hay, I could just use that for pasture. That would give me almost 3/4 acre of pasture which should be plenty room for two dairy goats. I don't plan on expanding past that anyway. As for the trees, I really didn't need 30 trees so if I only get 15 that would still work. The reason I thought I could get more was because there is an orchard several miles away for sale. When we looked at it, the trees looked like they were spaced about 10ft apart with 10ft rows.

Funny how everything grows perfectly on paper :haha:
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Old 12/01/04, 02:27 AM
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If you are using a dwarf orchard, you are ok on 10 feet spacing, depending on your prunining strategy. Go to a local orchard that is growing dwarves (many are JUST NOW starting to change out old 30 - 40 year expended apple trees for the dwarves) and ask them what the placement they are using is. In my area, my trees have done really well at 10 spacing, but our soil is pretty rich.

Just two acres would be better for what you want, but I don't know if more land is an option or not. Really alot depends on the orientation of your land. If your fence (the privacy one your wife wants) runs west to east, you should be ok with your set up (layout wise) but if you run that fence north and south keep in mind that you will most likely be causing a cold/hot spot with the shade and wind break the fence provides. This isn't always bad. I have seen people who run a N/S fence in a little colder climate create a hot spot for fruit tree's that may do better in one zone further south. Conversely, you could also create a cold spot. I guess what I am saying is you need to know what your land will do and how it reacts and not just lay out the most "efficient" layout on paper.
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