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Old 12/04/13, 06:50 PM
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Easy noob question, easy noob answer?

I only have a few quick minutes before rushing off to do more errands, and I'm hoping someone can tell me what's going on with my little romaine seedlings.

They have been doing really well until about 3 days ago. The seedlings are about 2 weeks old. Huh. They seem older. Time flies. I guess. Anyway.
They leaves are curling on nearly all of their first "true" leaves and the second leaves are beginning to sprout out and I'm transplanting them tonight.

As far as care, they get watered through the bottom of their container until the soil on top is a mix of moist and some dry crumbles. About 14 hours under the T5 everyday.

One mistake I did make was leave them on the seedling mat for too long. I have taken them off now though. I thought the germination map was also to keep little sprouts and seedlings warm since my house can be a little cold and these are by a window where the air is always a little cooler.

Can you tell I've never grown anything in my life?
My guess is a watering issue? Too much? Too little. It was pretty dry when i stuck my finger in the soil. The stems are a little thin....maybe a light issue?

Thank you in advanced!
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Old 12/04/13, 11:26 PM
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The first leaves (cotyledons) are always expendable shortly after the first true leaves appear. Don't see anything wrong with them.

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Old 12/05/13, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Paquebot View Post
The first leaves (cotyledons) are always expendable shortly after the first true leaves appear. Don't see anything wrong with them.

Truly? I thought those big sticking straight up leaves (true leaves?) were supposed to not curl in like a paper scroll. I thought I had an emergency!

I was very worried these were sick, but they did unroll a bit with extra water overnight.

All right. False alarm. Carrying on.
Oi, I'll try to keep the senseless posts to a minimum, but it's in the nature of my low end autistic brain to get very hung up on details.
Gardening is going to be such an...experience for me.
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Old 12/12/13, 10:48 AM
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Nezumi you can never ask too many ??? here, and we love pictures. There is a huge human vault of experience here, never hesitate to ask!
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Old 12/20/13, 09:40 PM
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The first leave(s) are seed leafs. As Martin said 'cotyledons'. Grains, grasses, and some others are 'monocots' and will have a single seed leaf that will often resemble a loosely rolled up paper. As it grows this leaf will unroll into a single blade. The rest are 'dicots' and will have a pair of seed leafs that emerge and unfold at the same time.

The first 'cots' are expendable and will wither away as the plant develops its true leaves. Similar to a child loosing his baby teeth.
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