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Old 01/20/13, 07:40 AM
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Fruit Trees: Cages vs. Deer Fencing

I'd like to get some fruit trees going this spring in an area where deer frequently pass through. However, putting up a high deer fence (having never done one before) will take so much time away from other pressing projects that I'm considering alternatives. In your experience, how well do individual cages work as an alternative to deer fencing? How high, and of what diameter, do they need to be? How firmly do they need to be secured to the ground?

For those who have constructed deer fences around a garden, what creative ideas do you have for a gate?
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Old 01/20/13, 08:43 AM
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I've got chicken wire around my sapling fruit trees, about 2 ft. high, staked to the ground about 1 ft. diameter. That's to keep them from stripping the tender bark.
When they mature, I'll take it down.
I've had good luck with that plastic orange construction fencing that's 4 ft. high in a hundred foot roll.
I know deer can't see orange, but maybe it's the foreign object in their path that keeps them wary?
Anyway, that's what's working for me.
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Old 01/20/13, 05:07 PM
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Don't the deer reach for the branches? I just assumed that was the part they would go for.
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Old 01/20/13, 06:56 PM
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running two fences (4' high) ~5' apart around the perimeter is pretty easy to put up and move if necessary. Deer don't jump it and you could use it as a chicken moat if it works in your situation.

For gates, I just keep one section of fencing that is not wired to the t-posts and have carabiners to hold it closed.
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Old 01/20/13, 08:52 PM
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This is kind of a crazy idea, but I'm wondering whether, instead of a gate, I could string some love beads (remember those from the seventies?) across the entrance. Whadaya think?
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Old 01/20/13, 10:22 PM
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I do similarly to what K.B. does.

I've done it two ways:

1. The nut trees in the back pasture have chicken wire 2-3 ft away from the trunk of each tree. There is a 2nd row on top of that first row so, when the deer stand on the wire and reach over, they still cannot reach the little trees.

2. The fruit trees/bushes inside my garden (before I put up the 9' fencing all around the garden/orchard area) were encircled with 2x4 welded wire twice, i.e. that is 2 fences with the first being 2 ft from the tree and the second fence being another 2 ft from that fence. Such deters any reaching and deer will not jump onto the top of the inside fence.

After the trees are old enough (and tall enough) to lose a few leaves (even limbs) without it killing them, I wrap the 2x4 welded wire around the trunk of each tree 3-4 times from ground up as high as I can reach. So far so good!
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