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Old 04/16/12, 03:27 PM
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Inoculating stumps with mushrooms

I have decided to do mushrooms to help breaking down some stumps from trees I am cutting down. But I have done some research and saw they grow best in hardwoods. Mostly oak and maples. But most of my trees are poplar. Should I even try to inoculating a stump like that?
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Old 04/16/12, 07:15 PM
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Poplar should be good for a variety of mushroom spawn. Usually hardwood is used in log cultivation because a poplar log would rot much faster than oak or maple. But this is exactly what you want.

Check out Fungi Perfecti. They're great. Here's a link to their spawn varieties: Fungi Perfecti: mushroom plug spawn

They also sell spawned oil that you can use in your chain saw when you cut down the trees. Never tried it, but it sounds like just what you are looking for: MycoSpored Oils™ for Deciduous Woodlands-Fungi Perfecti

Paul Stamets the founder, is a mushroom scientist genius. Email the company and describe your situation and they'll get back to you in a few days. I use their shiitake spawn.

I'm interested to hear how this turns out.
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Old 04/16/12, 08:52 PM
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When you are talking about the difference between hardwoods and softwoods, it is almost always the comparison between deciduous trees and conifers.

It is sort of a misnomer. The softwood Douglas Fir produces much harder wood then the hardwood poplar. It's just a generalization.
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Old 04/19/12, 02:22 PM
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Oyster mushrooms prefer poplar over harder woods. has several varieties of oyster mushroom spawn
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Old 04/19/12, 06:58 PM
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Poplar is ideal for oyster mushroom cultivation. I also recommend Field and Forest. I wouldn't wait long, the wood should be fairly recently cut. It needs to be inocculated before wild fungus invades the wood.
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Old 04/21/12, 01:35 PM
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Is it not safe to do this to an "old" stump?
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Old 04/21/12, 08:47 PM
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Its no that it's 'unsafe' but if the log has been cut for a while, chances are good that another fungi has already started growing there, and will out-compete yours. So it would be a probably waste of time and money.
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Old 04/21/12, 10:23 PM
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Dawsonville. ga
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WellI had a bit of a mishaps with my chain saw so I have to wait until payday until I can get into cutting down some more trees. I will probably do mostly oyster mushrooms but might by some others and give it a whirl. I am going to do as many stumps as possible but I think I will take a log or two and put them under my shed ( i have a car port built off the side of a my shed) and might have some that are in a bit more of a controlled area.
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Old 04/21/12, 10:29 PM
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Dawsonville. ga
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are there any other mushrooms that grow well in poplar?
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Old 04/22/12, 09:25 AM
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like chicken man said..oyster

Welcome to Easygrow Mushrooms
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Old 05/03/12, 02:39 PM
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Well, after reading about it I ordered a quart of chainsaw innoculent. I first put through 2 chainsaw oil tanks of just pure canola oil - hoping to flush out the regular bar and chain oil.

This quart is going to go a long ways, I cut four tanks of gas worth of stumps & logs yesterday, with the innoculated oil, and made a video.

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