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Old 08/03/10, 11:37 AM
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: western New York State
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trim winter squash vines?

My winter squash & pumpkins kept growing vines & adding fruits into September last year, and of course, those didn't ripen. This is upstate NY, zone 5/6. Should I be cutting the ends of the vines off, or maybe just remove the late fruits? Is there a time frame rule of thumb? Thanks, Sue
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Old 08/03/10, 09:49 PM
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Location: W. Oregon
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I always cut mine back, I let them set as many as I want and then cut the runners off....James
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Old 08/04/10, 11:30 AM
Brenda Groth
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Michigan
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they say if you have too small fruit or flowers that won't produce that is the time to remove them..remember flowers are edible
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Old 08/04/10, 12:02 PM
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: maine
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Cornell does not mention cutting vines back or removing smaller ones.
I never have cut them back, just let them go.
Seems the squash closest to the roots get all the energy first, once they are mature the energy goes down the line to the next ones on the vine(s).
Its going to be a bumper year for winter squash here, got some very large buttercup already.
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Old 08/04/10, 01:47 PM
NickieL's Avatar
Accidental Farmer
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I cut mine back as I have a small garden, if I let them go all over they would swallow everything up. it never seems to hurt them. especiallyt eh gourds, they jsut keep growing like crazy and I keep hacking away.
It's not that I don't like mankind, I just like nature a whole lot more.
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Old 08/05/10, 10:12 AM
Join Date: May 2009
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Originally Posted by woodsy View Post
Its going to be a bumper year for winter squash here, got some very large buttercup already.
Big show off.
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Old 08/06/10, 08:42 AM
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: maine
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Originally Posted by frankva View Post
Big show off.
Well, it is the 2nd year in 15 that I've a a decent crop
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Old 08/06/10, 12:10 PM
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Location: maine
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Don't blame you. Good thing you built that storage room.
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Old 08/07/10, 06:35 PM
mommagoose_99's Avatar  
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I live in Broome County , NY. Last year almost everyone came up short on Pumpkins and winter squash. I plant 1/2 acre every year for the farmer's market and local food pantry and I only had 2 bushels of marketable squash.It was too cold and too wet last year. The bees could not get the flowers polinated because of the constant rain. This year looks a lot better though. I never trim my pumpkins or squash . The only reason you need to trim pumpkins is if you are growing exhibition pumpkins. I find each plant will set 3-5 nice pumpkins and then abort anything else that comes after them. If you want several large pumpkins per plant, plant seeds for large pumpkins. This year I am growing. "One Too Many Pumpkins" (white with red veins) "Sourcerer" "Small Pie Pumpkin" Howdon Biggie" "Wolf" ( huge thick handles) "Gargoil", "Jarrdail" and some left over Connecticut Field Pumpkins.
I have 11 kinds of winter squash and they are huge and covered in flowers right now.
Watch for powdery mildew now that weather has turned cooler.!!!
Live from
Beautiful Upstate NY
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