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Old 05/30/09, 11:33 AM
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Location: Vancouver Island BC
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whats eating my bean seedlings???

I have never had problems in the past. I planted my pole beans as usual and after waiting 10 or so days went out to check their progress. Well they did grow, but all of them are just ragged stems sicking up in the row, something has eaten the top of them off....aaccckkk!!! I want to replant, but me thinks this will continue to happen until the culprits are eliminated. any ideas? I know this is vague but some pests have a definate eating habit that may be just this??? I don't think its mice or rats as I just had a trap fest and hav'nt seen any since we went on a rampage....
thanks a bunch!
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Old 05/30/09, 11:40 AM
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Location: TX
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Deer love leaves from bean plants. The deer around my place eat the tops off of beans if they can get to them. You should have seen some tracks, though.

Rabbits will also eat the tops off of plants. They do not favor bean plants as much as deer so I would expect a few other things to be sampled if it is rabbits.
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Old 05/30/09, 12:39 PM
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Possible flea beetles. ( Look for specs of black pepper, that jump when you get a finger near them. They like leafy green stuff.) Some may spit out new leaves. Good luck.
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Old 05/30/09, 08:44 PM
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birds eat them too.
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Old 05/31/09, 11:10 AM
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Location: North Carolina
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We had (and still have) a problem with slugs eating our bean plants this year. The worst eaten plants are like yours, just the ragged stem. I think part of the problem is the wet spring this year and our compost pile is at the corner of our garden. The compost is a great environment for the slugs to breed and live, it seems. I still need to move the compost pile this week. If you google "slugs in garden" there are many pages of helpful tips. Right now we are hand picking off slugs right around sunset and made beer traps. The beer traps are short containers filled with beer that attract the slugs and then they drown in them. This weekend I also put down some diatomaceous earth and we sprayed the plants with soapy water. All of this information I picked off of some helpful websites. So far we still have a problem with the slugs but the bean plants are making a recovery.

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Old 06/01/09, 12:41 PM
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Vancouver Island BC
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Thanks! I'm thinking either the beatles or slugs.....hmmmm. i'll go out and check for the pepper thing. we also have had a damp spring and i live on the coast so slugs are rampant. the area they are planted is rabbit and deer fenced as we have both on property and we can't have them in the gardens. it really looks like some sort of insects work. i am familiar with rabbit damage and these lack that short angled cut that rabbits leave.
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