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Old 12/27/08, 08:15 PM
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RADISH, all tops, no root

I'm in the Ozarks and can't seem to grow radishes although they are supposed to be so easy. My radishes have lovely tops, but they don't form radishes. Has anyone had this problem? More importantly, how did you solve it? I've searched the internet and found a long list of possible causes, but nothing definitive. I've tried different fertilizers, got soil tested (7.0 at last testing), but still no root development.
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Old 12/27/08, 08:50 PM
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I've no idea. Could it be heat? I believe they prefer cool days.
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Old 12/27/08, 10:52 PM
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Try starving them. That is, plant them in the poorest soil you have. About the last thing they need for globe growth is nitrogen. Make them go deep looking for minerals instead of gorging on a glut of nutrients. Most of my plots are too rich to get anything but huge plants to be used for green material in the compost. Best ones come from where I got a little too happy mixing sand with the prairie silt.

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Old 12/27/08, 11:55 PM
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i have a heck of a time growing them too. my problems are worms/maggots in the bulbs and also nothing but tops. i had a happy accident this fall. i left some icicle radish go to seed and i never removed it. i harvested volunteers during the first half of november until nearly thanksgiving. i had no problems with bugs and many of the radishes had decent size.

i think i will sow seed wayyyyy earlier in the spring than i normally do, even if i have to clear snow. i think they enjoy the cold weather. as for a fall crop, i think i would like to see the crop about two weeks earlier than my volunteer crop, so i think i need to sow seed in the last two weeks to the end of september.
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Old 12/28/08, 07:59 AM
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According to Jim Crockett (of "Victory Garden" fame), you aren't having enough sunshine (6 hours)

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Old 12/28/08, 09:42 AM
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Well, I'll supply a good laugh for those who don't believe it-but the only time this has happened to me was when I planted in the wrong time of the moon. I tried one bed, half with signs right, half in the wrong sign. One side had all tops, the other radishes, with small tops.
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Old 12/28/08, 11:23 AM
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Thanks, guys!

I appreciate the input. I'll try an area of more sun. It would never have occurred to me to starve them--Thanks, Martin! What I've been doing is giving them more fertilizer. Now that I think about it, the more I fed them the skinnier the roots got. Can't wait to try this. Again, THANKS, everyone.
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Old 12/28/08, 02:46 PM
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I have that trouble too, but I'll have nice big ones right next to skinny ones. I always thin the rows, so they aren't crowded. It drives me nuts to see those nice rows of tops, go out to pull a few, and have to pull 10 to get 3 or 4 nice ones. Grrrr.....
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