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Old 04/03/07, 10:44 AM
dragonfly1113's Avatar  
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: KY
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Hard Freeze coming... what to do about....

We have a hard freeze coming. After tonight the next 5 days the lows will be from 32 to 27. I have questions.... My strawberries are full of blooms, do I need to cover them and with what... clear plastic? Do I take it off during the daytime? Highs will be 50. Also, my peach tree blooms are finally gone, will this cold hurt my potential peaches? I can not cover my peach tree. My grape vines are in bloom and also my apple trees. But the apple trees are still quite young and so I would only have about 10 to 20 apples so I am not so worried about them. I have my grape vines going over an arbor. (second year) (heavly pruned, with one main vine and several shoots off of them) So my grapes would be very few too. My main concerns are the strawberries and peaches. What do I need to do?
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Old 04/03/07, 04:36 PM
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Location: Near Louisville, KY
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We cover our strawberries with old sheets I reserve just for that purpose. I remove the sheets during the day and put them back on at night. We did the same thing with our fruit trees last year (was much more difficult )

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Old 04/03/07, 05:04 PM
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Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: KY
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thanks for the info.
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Old 04/03/07, 06:06 PM
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Make sure they are well watered and mist them just before covering them at night. Take the cover off as soon as possible in the AM. Do you have them mulched? That would help also.
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Old 04/03/07, 06:12 PM
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Location: N. Calif./was USDA 9b before global warming
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Strawberry *plants* do fine in the cold, but you might lose your current blossoms.

My strawberry plants had leaves and the temperature went down to 23F over several nights this December. They lost the outer leaves, but the plants themselves are doing just fine now.

(My climate zone normally doesn't go below 27F, so most plants never go dormant here).
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Old 04/04/07, 02:13 PM
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Location: Missouri
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If your peaches are just blooming you are liable to loose the crop...down here in so MO most folks are happy to get peaches every two or three years as we always seem to get a cold spell when they bloom. We leave the straw mulch on and then cover our strawberries with floating row cover besides--just a couple of degrees more of frost protection...they are predicting lows of 23 here on Sunday-maybe even snow flurries!!!!!!! Have our lilies covered and the peonies that are budding but the fruit trees are all done blossoming so shouldn't be much of a problem there. Dug the two spreading hostas that I wanted to transplant anyhow and they are safe in the greenhouse and away from the poodle pup's big clumsy feet! Did go out and put fresh sugar syrup on all the beehives as they have been flying but now will head into the hives and they have alot of new brood to care for. Barely 50 here at lunchtime. Pa had to go turn all the zone valves back on for the wood hot water heat. Ah,spring! DEE
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