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Old 03/05/07, 04:56 PM
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Growing potatoes in a cardboard box--question?

Someone posted about growing potatoes in boxes, with straw. I am interested in doing this...we have really heavy clay soil and even though it is very good soil and grows a beautiful mid and late season garden --the soil is usually too wet to grow a nice crop of potatoes...So I want to try this! Do you add soil to the box, then the potatoes or just use straw? What kind of straw--would old hay work? Do you add the straw--a little along the growing season??? Thanks for any ideas, opinions and help...Queen Bee
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Old 03/05/07, 05:07 PM
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First off, I think a cardboard box would disintegrate before the potatoes were finished producing. The potato piece and its roots must have access to soil and water and nutrients. The growing potatoes will do fine in the straw(I guess.) I would guess you could plant the potato eye on a small mound (to alleviate some of the wet problem)and then use a cardboard box to do the hilling and add straw as needed to keep the plant growing upwards.
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Old 03/05/07, 10:36 PM
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The Old Farmer's Almanac ( shows how to do it in a trash can.
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Old 03/05/07, 10:39 PM
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I was told old tires...put down a tire or two put in spuds and cover with hay not soil, then as plant grows add another layer of tire and hay , and keep goin untill
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Old 03/05/07, 11:24 PM
Homebrewed Happiness
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if you dig out a hole to put the box in, i think it'd work just fine. sure some will disintegrate but that wont matter if it's in a hole and has nowhere to go.

I think the best is the trash can method though. $6 buys you a walmart 32 gal trash can, just slowly add soil, and when its ready tip the can out over a tarp, collect the taters and start over again.
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