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Old 08/19/12, 12:43 PM
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I was thinking of getting my wife a nook or kindle but I know nothing about them. So in your opinion are they worth the money? Do you save money on book purchases? Which is better the kindle or nook? Any thing else I should know? Thank you in advance
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Old 08/19/12, 12:51 PM
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I prefer the Kindle over the Nook. More selection, easier to navigate store and I like the set up of the Kindle better.
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Old 08/19/12, 07:59 PM
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i have a first generation nook, a nook color, and a basic (cheapest) kindle.

for reading, i prefer the e-ink on the 1st gen nook and cheap kindle

for surfing the web and playing games, you will need a tablet (kindle fire or nook color or tablet)

i have had nooks for a year and a half. i have had the kindle for maybe 4 months. i prefer the kindle, as i find more freebies that i am actually interested in.
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Old 08/19/12, 09:17 PM
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I have a Color Nook and a Kindle Touch. I'm finding more free books with the kindle. But, I like to read on the Nook better. I think the touch screen on the Nook is faster. The Nook has a short battery life...about 10 hours before you have to recharge it. The Kindle lasts for a few weeks, even with daily reading.
The Nook is heavier, the Kindle more compact and easy to tuck into my purse.

It's kind of a toss-up, the both have really good features.
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Old 08/21/12, 11:43 AM
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Call your local library and find out if they have both nook and kindle books. Ours had books for the nook about a year before they had kindle books, and they still don't have all books in kindle format. My nook has more that paid for itself, it's 40 miles round trip to the library.
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Old 09/25/12, 11:45 AM
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If you buy a lot of books, they are cheaper, and take up way less space, on an e reader.

3 years ago, most new releases were $9.99, now they tend to run $14.99.

Lots of the classics are free, and Amazon does daily specials. You can also do a search for "free kindle (or nook) books" and see what comes up, give you an idea.

I have a second gen kindle, with the keyboard at the bottom. It is a bigger keyboard than the next model, and I prefer the size on mine (my mom has the next one up.)
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Old 09/25/12, 01:52 PM
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come down to Survival and Emergency Prep forum any day and see what free books Pam06 has found for us.

I have Kindle, and kindle apps on smartphone and tablet and pc. I looked at nook, but for some reason barns and noble and nook did not "do it" for me.

I am now looking at maybe getting one of these...
Kindle Paperwhite - Touch Screen Ereader with Built-In Light

as it has the soft back lighting for reading in bed or sitting on a dark front porch (both I want to do).

And my current kindle is the one with a keyboard and 3G, and I carry it in my purse to read when I can. Love it.

Most of the books I have were free. I need to be 1000 to read them all, but ones I don't want to read I can delete off device and they store in Amazon Cloud.
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Old 09/25/12, 11:21 PM
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I have neither, still debating... leaning to a basic Nook or a Nook tablet. Reason? Nooks have sd card slots... so you can load up books, music, saved websites, movies, etc to sd cards, and swap them in and out at your leisure.

In a perfect world, a Kindle would be the cat's pajamas... however, I don't live there. In a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, where 3G and wireless won't exist, with a Kindle your stuck forever with whatever you have on it... with a Nook, you can pull out a handful of sd cards... and have entertainment for decades. I have over 18Gb of just .pdf's.
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Old 09/25/12, 11:42 PM
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On the nook if you are wanting to find free books, first sign in to your Barnes & Noble account.
Click on nook books, then in the search window type in mysteries 0.00 (zero's) (or whatever genre you're looking for) a whole bunch of free books will pop up for you to pick from.
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Old 09/26/12, 05:08 PM
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actually you can do the save to a file. thumb drive etc with a kindle.
If you have another computer, just put the usb into the slot in the computer and download. I've not tried directly from a thumb drive.

And if that's why you're going that direction. Why not an inexpensive tablet with an sd card place that can do more and have a kindle and nook app and have both?

only about $250, and with the free books it would be paid for in book prices in a short time.

Take a look at Galaxy Tab II. (comes in two sizes, too. I'm thinking the 7.7 inch that is a hair larger than kindle )

Samsung GALAXY TAB 7.0 plus
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"Live your life, and forget your age." Norman Vincent Peale

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Old 09/28/12, 08:24 AM
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i downloaded a 20 or 25 dollar program for my daughters nook color that switched it to a android system that opened up a lot more free apps including one called wattpad that has thousands of books although most are not well known authors my daughter loves it. is what i got for her
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Old 09/28/12, 08:48 AM
Central Iowa
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I have a nook tablet. The charging cord is expensive and you can only get it from B&N. I like the SD card, but it's in an inconvenient place, so I end up swapping books and movies in and out using the cord. You can get the software to turn it into an Android device for free, but it voids the warranty (Easily Root Your Nook Tablet With An SD Card – xda-developers). If you are using the calibre ebook library(calibre - E-book management), you can convert the format of any ebook into another, so it doesn't matter if you have .mobi or .epubs.

I still think that I should've gotten a Kindle fire
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Old 09/29/12, 07:50 PM
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Some states(Maine) have an electronic library. If free books are important, check what platform they support, if you have one there.

Local library had some Kindles.
I prefer the Kindle font sizing and color. Feels better in the hands. Nook felt awkward. State e library supported Nook and it's cousins. So I got neither, hoping Kindle would open up...

This was a bit ago. Best Buy stores had display models, if you were lucky enough to find one charged and someone to show you how to read some of the preloaded stuff as a demonstration.

After hearing of all the tracking options the makers of these units have I am liking paper more and more.
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Old 10/03/12, 08:41 PM
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I am a total computer idiot.My husband bought me a kindle fire on craigslist for $100 including a great leather cover.I ammore of a magazine reader and I listen to audiobooks. I truly in lovewith it.Butyoumaywanttolook ara nexus 7.It is what the owner of this kindle upgraded too.I see him on a weekly basis and he says the nexus 7 is thebestofall worlds.

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Old 10/05/12, 07:09 AM
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I see some people comparing color ereaders and tablets to the black and white ones. They are 2 different beasts. No matter which format/store you choose they both make black and white and color ones. I just want to pass on this knowledge.

The black and white ones specialize in reading. They are easier to read and look just like printed text on a book. They have months of battery life although pretty much all you can do is read books. The black and white ones with the light seem nice since you can turn it on and off and usually it is pointing sideways.

The color ones are a backlit screen and are more versatile but only have a day worth of battery life. With the backlit screen, there are lights (LED) behind a color screen shining thru to let you see the picture, like a computer screen and can give you headache after a while because of the light shining in your eyes.

If your reading alot and wanting a e reader i would recommend a black and white one(nook or kindle is your choice)

If your wanting a tablet and may read some books on it sometimes your choices are limitless.
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Old 10/09/12, 08:16 PM
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I was given a basic Nook as a gift last year, never used it because you have to submit a cc # to open a B&N acct, and I didn't want to do that. Then I learned how to download books from my county I use it all the time and the books are all free.
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Old 10/10/12, 06:15 AM
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I think the Kindle is best thing since sliced bread! I have a 2nd generation, so it's a few years old, but I've pre-ordered the new Kindle Paperwhite model, both for the brighter "ink", lighting and it's smaller than my current model.

You can subscribe to a daily email from Pixel Ink, where around 10 -20 or so books per day are free or super cheap.

I read a lot, and wore out my first battery. My 2nd one only gives me a couple of days of reading time before needing charged, and periodically it loses its place in whatever book I'm reading, not sure if that is a battery issue or my Kindle is failing, but it's had a ton of use and I'm happy to replace it. That's something to consider if you're thinking you'll have it and the books on it forever...

I only buy reference books in paper format. My Kindle is strictly for entertainment reading.
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Old 10/12/12, 03:42 PM
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I'm considering a paperwhite, too. CJ do let us know how you like the paperwhite.
"Live your life, and forget your age." Norman Vincent Peale

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Old 10/12/12, 04:46 PM
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Will do Angie... and it can't come a minute too soon (I think 2-3 more weeks) as the far right side of my screen went out last night. Fortunately, I discovered you can display the text in landscape mode, which puts the bad area at the bottom of the page so it doesn't cut off the text!
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Old 10/13/12, 10:13 PM
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We have a Kindle 3G. It's black and white and really really really good!! The battery lasts forever, although it takes a little while to charge, maybe because of the light on it. Definitely get the light (I'm not sure is it's an option or not). We have a touch and it's really easy to use. Heard good and bad reviews about the keyboard version. We've got around 100-150 books on it probably, most of them are free or $1-$5!! With a few exceptions of course =). It's also got the black flip cover, it's really good and looks quite nice. Would recommend getting a cover.
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