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Old 01/24/12, 02:59 PM
mooman's Avatar  
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Location: Upstate South Carolina
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Stepped on a nail

Not too deep, not too dirty. Decided to forgo a trip to the doc because I had a tetanus shot about 10 years ago and my deductible is kind of steep. It closed up quickly and 7 days later the pain is less.....BUT the area is still swollen. It feels a little warm, but no excess redness. Just hurts when I push on it.

How long do these things take to clear up? At what point do i suck it up and go to the doctor?
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Old 01/24/12, 04:07 PM
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Location: South Mississippi
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My son did this a few years ago. It bled a lot and the doc said that was a good thing because it flushed the "ickies" out on its on. The doc cleaned it up good and put a bandage on it. Within 3 days it was completely healed, no pain no redness. The doc said the infection would show within a few days if it were going to get infected and to return if we saw redness, fever around the wound or any red streaking from the wound. I think you need to see the doc if it is still hurting and warm to the touch.
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Old 01/24/12, 06:56 PM
Graham's Avatar  
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Location: Missouri
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I agree with jamala, and if your tetanus shot was ten years ago, you are due for a booster.
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Old 01/24/12, 11:36 PM
motdaugrnds's Avatar
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Location: Virginia
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If I were you, I would get a tetanus immediately!
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Old 01/24/12, 11:38 PM
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Location: Coastal Georgia
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I also would urge you to get in immediately for a tetanus booster. This is nothing to mess around with. Get that foot checked out too. It can get dangerous fairly quickly.
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Old 01/25/12, 09:41 AM
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Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
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I stepped on a nail once, got the tetanus shot and all was well. Several YEARS later, a knot formed on the bottom of my foot where I had stuck the nail. Seems that some foreign matter had stayed in my foot and a gristle like knot grew around it. Had to go to the Doc and have it cut out.
I agree with the others, go get a tetanus shot. Shot is cheaper than an infected foot and the consequences that can cause.
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Old 01/25/12, 09:48 AM
Pink_Carnation's Avatar  
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Location: Western Washington
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Anything can have tetanus on it even if it doesn't look dirty. One lady got it from a rosebush thorn. In addition there are tons of other bacteria you could have picked up that might cause an infection.

I stay current on tetanus just so I don't have to worry and then I only need to go in if it seems serious or is getting infected.
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Old 01/25/12, 09:54 AM
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I agree with everyone here. Your tetanus needs to be updated. Look at it this way - you'll be up to date in case there's another nail.
Charleen in Western NY

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Old 01/25/12, 11:13 AM
BoldViolet's Avatar  
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There are those Minute Clinics in the CVS - maybe they carry the tetanus shots?

I know the last time I got one was from an Urgent Care clinic.
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Old 02/01/12, 09:23 PM
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I think you should have a doctor look at it, and not just get a shot from a pharmacy. You might need antibiotics. Also, I'm not sure if a regular tetanus shot is going to give you immunity seven days after the fact. For animals, an antitoxin would be in order, I think, instead of a toxoid. So I'm not sure about with humans.
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Old 02/01/12, 11:50 PM
How Do I's Avatar
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Few years ago I tried to wait out the nail through the foot so I wouldn't have another doctor bill. I made it almost 10 whole hours before the pain started shooting like a barbed knife through the bottom of my foot. Went to the emergency room and they gave me a shot for the pain, tetanus booster and a prescription for a bottle of pain-killers and Cipro. I think it took about 5 days before I was able to walk on it fully again.
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Old 02/03/12, 01:25 PM
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Don't forget your county nurse. Their charge for tetanus shots is nominal; and they'll tell you if it looks normal, if you need to see your doctor, or if you need to get to the emergency room NOW.

I agree with alpidarkomama; tetanus is nothing to mess with.
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Old 02/03/12, 04:24 PM
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Everytime someone in my family steps on a rusty nail, which is usually a few times each summer, we wash out the wound with water and apply lavender oil, which kills the germs naturally. The next day we apply lavender oil followed by honey. Honey promotes healing. We've never had a problem with any infections. Essential oils are very powerful and effective at fighting viral and bacterial infections and promoting healing.
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Old 02/03/12, 04:39 PM
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Location: west virginia
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why do you need to ask? getting a shot is cheaper than getting teatnus.....
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Old 02/03/12, 10:50 PM
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Your county health department will give you a tetanus shot for a nominal fee, usually around $10, with no income restrictions. The one case of tetanus I've encountered was on a ventilator for a month. You don't want that to happen to you.
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