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Preserving the Harvest canning, drying, smoking, etc.

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Old 07/28/12, 03:52 AM
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Storing dehydrated veggies

Can those of you who do a lot of dehydrating give me a rundown on how exactly you store your stuff? I just started using my dehydrator this summer (veggies only) and have been storing in freezer bags....but I need to come up with a better system than that.

I do have an old Food Saver (yard sale - $2!) that I'm learning to use, I just need tips on....

what would you store in the bags vs what you store in jars?

if you store in jars do you vac seal it up for frequently used stuff, or is that more for long term storage? Those vac sealed jar lids are tough to pry off!

when you've used a veggie down to half a jar or so and dehydrate some more - do you throw the newly dehydrated veggie in with the older stuff in the jar? Or use a new jar and date it? I'd like to keep each veggie in one jar but I'm not sure mixing the new stuff in with older is ok.

Thanks for any help, my dehydrated veggies are coming out so well I'm scared of ruining them all with lousy storage.
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Old 07/28/12, 08:19 AM
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I use the vaccum sealer with 02 absorbers for longer term storage. For shorter term I pop them into a zip lock baggie in the fridge (I live in a hot climate). I never add newly dehyrated foods to old. I just opened a bag of mixed veggies I bagged up 3 years ago with 02 absorbers and they were good quality and rehydrated just great.
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Old 07/28/12, 10:46 AM
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I vacuum seal a lot of things but not all. I keep in canning jars, in a dark, not too cold or hot area, and have had them keep well for years.
Pampered Chef makes a wonderful little tool for popping off those sealed lids. I used daily and have for years. Pretty inexpensive by Pampered Chef standards too.
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Old 07/28/12, 10:57 AM
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Vacumn seal in jars. The veggies can be sharp and puncture tiny hole in the bag. And never mix new with old
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Old 07/28/12, 02:17 PM
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Canning jars with regular lids, not vacuum sealed, usually. Glass jars with silicone seals for some things, Tostitos dip jars are really nice. I do have some banana in a regular sandwich bag but those are in the fridge and I didn't have any glass jars available at the time. And there is the dried kale in a plastic peanut butter jar in the fridge. Jelly jars are nice for small amounts of food.
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Old 07/29/12, 01:45 AM
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I put my dehydrated foods into glass jars that I have saved, and store them in a dark area, relatively cool - cooler might be better, but its the best I've got. I don't bother with vacuum sealing. How long is long term? I have apple slices that were done during a particularly good apple year - I dried several jars worth, and those that are left are still nice. The exceptional apple year? 2001. I don't use plastic bags; everything goes into glass. If I were to mix 2 or more lots I would put the newest at the bottom, and the oldest on top. And it is VERY important to make sure everything is at optimum dryness. I should note that it seldom gets very hot where I live, and the humidity is hardly worth mentioning.
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Old 07/29/12, 10:06 AM
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Original recipe!
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I keep mine in canning jars too..
I make sure the jar is very warm and very dry first.
I let them sit in the bright sun or put them in the oven for a bit first.

I add a 02/moisture absorber too.

Though I will admit to storing some things in paper bags.
I screwed up and sun dried over 60# of apples on year.
Don't ever do that..
I was years before I could use them all. I stored them in paper bags and they were jsut fine.
I was surprised.
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Old 07/30/12, 10:46 AM
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I blanched and dehydrated carrots and stored them in glass canning jars in a closet in the basement.
2 years later the carrots have started to turn white in spots. The carrots still smell good. They are still crunchy and hard, no moisture or mold.
I have bought a jar sealer from food saver and have oxygen obsorbers on order for future jars. Would it help to seal these older jars, or not bother?
Are the carrots still okay to use?
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Old 07/30/12, 07:07 PM
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If you are in question about the white spots on carrots, I wouldn't use them IMO. When you dehydrated them, did you spray them with lemon juice beforehand?

In case anyone hasn't discovered this site - it's absolutely awesome and after being absent from the www for several months, due to the loss of her husband, Tammy the Dehydrate2Store lady is back with more info on her site. | Welcome - Educating and Helping Those Who Want To Learn About Dehydration
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Old 07/30/12, 11:20 PM
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Yes , I was wondering if they are loosing color are they safe to eat?
Has anyone else had carrots do this?
No, I didn't use lemon juice.
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