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Preserving the Harvest canning, drying, smoking, etc.

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Old 07/27/11, 11:49 AM
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Ohio
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Everything smells like onions!!!

I was so happy to harvest my onions. We got over ten pounds from our first attempt at growing them. I prepared five pounds of them last night and set them to dehydrate overnight. I knew it would be a little smelly, but I didn't think it would be too bad. I had fans going and windows open while I was preparing the onions, and the smell wasn't so bad then. Well, about 5:00am, I awoke to onion smell. It has permeated the entire house. I'm now sitting at work and still seem to have a cloud of onion scent surrounding me. I've scrubbed and scrubbed, but my hands still smell like onions too. I never imagined it would be this bad!!! Next time it will be done outside!
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Old 07/27/11, 10:12 PM
Danaus29's Avatar  
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I don't have near that many onions! Good job. I am doing only a couple trays at a time. I have 3 huge kale plants that need to go so the kale gets more trays.
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Old 07/28/11, 06:51 AM
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Mississippi
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The smell can take over!I dry mine outside on the carport. Also if you have fresh milk , pour some over your hands and kinda wash them in helps get rid of the smell. Good job on growing that many onions...i harvested zero from mine this year.
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Old 07/28/11, 08:05 AM
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Congratulations on your onions. I love dehydrated onions. They are so useful.

Right now everything smells like tomatoes and peaches at my house.
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Old 07/28/11, 08:15 AM
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Thanks for relating your experience. I brought in two bushels of onions for storage, and there are some that have flat sides or incomplete curing that I figured would do best used soon. Drying them seemed like a good idea.

I think that kind of pervasive smell would make me ill.

Maybe I could put the dehydrator in a shed.
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Old 07/28/11, 09:20 AM
7thswan's Avatar  
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: michigan
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Ya, I dry outside, the heat dosen't need to be in the house.I can't imagine doing Onions, I don't even like them.Smelling them would be awful.
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Old 07/28/11, 10:18 AM
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Ohio
Posts: 282
Dehydrated onions are one of the most useful things ever. I don't generally like onions, but I use the dehydrated ones all the time in my cooking. I only dried one tray last year and knew I had to do more this year. The smell is slowly dissipating in the house, but its definitely still there. I'm going to can a bunch of peaches tomorrow...I'm hoping that'll cover up the oniony-ness in the house.
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Old 07/28/11, 04:04 PM
giraffe_baby's Avatar
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Location: Kentucky
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I have my Dehytrator OUT in the garage! 1. heat outside 2. noise outside and 3. SMELL outside !
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Old 07/29/11, 12:32 AM
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Dehydrated onions and peppers done on the deck after similar lesson learned.
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Old 07/29/11, 08:14 AM
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Location: Beautiful SW Mountains of Virginia
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The first time I dried onions I made that same mistake. I figured it might smell a bit, but how bad could a few onions be?

I couldn't believe how bad it was! No matter how much air freshener, cleaning, or Fabreeze we used, I swear it still smelled like onions in here for weeks!
"Challenges are what make life interesting -- overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."
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Old 07/29/11, 09:27 AM
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hehe I knew better...I did mine outside....
It's not that I don't like mankind, I just like nature a whole lot more.
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