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Old 08/21/13, 10:52 PM
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Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Illinois
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OK folks, i did BLTs tonight, to be honest the bacon sucked, i tried two kinds one was a turkey bacon, this should not even have the work bacon in the name. The other was a center cut apple smoked bacon. It was mostly fat.

My question is what kinda of bacon and brand bacon do you all use? I'm not as concerned with the price as the quality of bacon. I just wrecked an excellent tomato (Indian purple chief) making a crappy sandwich. Hungry in Illinois....
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Old 08/22/13, 02:27 AM
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If you can't raise your own, Petit Jean or Wright's make good bacon. I like the thick cut.
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Old 08/22/13, 11:05 PM
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Northeastern Oklahoma
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I don't buy anything but Wright's hickory smoked bacon (they have other flavors too, I just prefer hickory). It's a thick sliced, meaty, chewy bacon that doesn't shrink up much and tastes so good I could eat a whole 3-pound package in one sitting if I let myself, lol!

Regular price, it's about $13 for a 3-pound package, but it's definitely worth it. I try to get several packages whenever it goes on sale for around $9-10. If I can't have Wright's, I just do without. I also save the grease to season beans, fry potatoes, etc. It is so lean, though, that you don't wind up with half as much grease to save as most bacons, I'm always wishing I had more, ha!

Toasted wheat bread, Wright's bacon, thick sliced beefsteak tomatoes, crisp lettuce and Miracle Whip. With a large glass of iced sweet tea, that's a perfect summer meal for me! The only thing better would be a chunk of sweet and juicy Black Diamond watermelon for dessert. :drool: Okay, now I'm starving, lol!
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Old 08/22/13, 11:19 PM
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Location: Southern Oregon
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I also love thick cut and have often bought Wright's. Now I buy a thick cut bacon from Pendleton, Oregon that out store has, can't remember the name. I have had one disastrous bacon experience like what you describe above, it was so horrible I think of it every time I buy bacon!
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Old 08/23/13, 03:09 AM
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If you have a restaurant supply, "First Street" makes a decent bacon. Most of the First Street cheese is good, too.

Costco sells a good bacon. It's the extra expensive one labeled dry smoked. If you can find their maple bacon that is imported from Canada, that one is good. The less expensive Costco bacon isn't much good, including the Kirkland brand.

Safeway used to sell a good bacon in a large pack, 4 pounds, I think, but I haven't been into Safeway for a long time, so don't know if they still sell it. It was labeled under their house brand.
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Old 08/23/13, 08:45 AM
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Location: Middle TN, north of Nashville
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Tried several brands and nothing beats Wright.

We do the same as calliemoonbeam, watch for it to go on sale and buy several packages to throw in the freezer.

The packaging is heavy weight, haven't had a problem with it losing the vacuum seal not matter how much abuse it takes in the freezer.
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Old 08/23/13, 05:10 PM
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: SW PA
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I like the thick cut pepper bacon that I buy at Sam's club. Its pricey ($13 for 3 lbs the last time I bought it), so I only splurge 1 or 2 times per year.
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Old 08/23/13, 06:01 PM
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Northeastern Oklahoma
Posts: 5,039
Talk about ruining a perfectly good BLT, lol. I hate pepper bacon! Though it does seem to be getting pretty popular. I saw ads for BLTs at Arby's earlier this summer and they looked pretty decent for fast food, so one day while I was out shopping I stopped in for one and didn't notice it said pepper bacon...blech! I spit out the one bite I took and brought the rest home for the neighbor's dog, lol. But I'm glad you like it Amandaleigh.

As Speckledpup said, I just throw my Wright's in the freezer still in the store packaging, and it works just fine, good heavy duty packaging. I've used some that was almost a year old and tasted as good as fresh.

Back when we still had Albertson's here, they carried Wright's loose in their meat counter. Though they didn't announce it was Wright's, I found out by accident. They used to have it go on sale about twice a year for $1.99 a pound. I'd go in and buy a 40-pound case, lol, should have seen their faces! I'd bring it home and break it down into about 2-pound bunches and vacuum seal it. I sure miss those days!
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Old 08/23/13, 08:41 PM
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Location: Avilla,IN.
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You guys are making me hungry for bacon now. Going to make a bacon run to the butcher in the morning. He has his own slaughter house. It's one of those mom and pop type all in one slaughter house like the ones you used to see in the small country towns in the 40's and 50's.
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Old 08/23/13, 09:27 PM
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Location: KY
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We don't have Albertson's but we do have their parent company Kroger. It's the only local store that carries the Wright's bacon. Years ago Kroger sold their own brand of bacon that was similar to Wright's. I recall buying it in a 4 lb box as end pieces for $1 a lb.

We also have a local source for home cured bacon that's decent, but it doesn't beat Wright's for taste and texture. After we ate Wright's nothing else measures up.
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Old 08/24/13, 05:38 AM
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I use Rancher's Choice. It's nitrate-free and was rated #1 for taste by Bon Appetit magazine. I get it at Whole Foods. It's NOMS!
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