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Old 06/20/16, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by ksmith2006 View Post
One of the most problems associated with feeding baby calves is dealing with calf scours. In the past I followed the vet's advice on feeding elctrolytes and various scours medication with varying success. Their advice was too with hold milk replacer and this is when the trouble begins. Baby calves have very limited nutrient reserves and they are soon depleted when milk replace is with held. I found a natural product called RECOVER, that is an all natural nutritional supplent that can be added to the calves milk replacer. First I drench the calves with a healthy dose of RECOVER and I also add it to their milk as well. If needed, I will drench the calves for two or three days as needed. I have had excellent results with this product..I told my vet, but he said that it can't work. My healthy calves tell another story. I told my vet that not all solutions come from the lab!!! I have only found this product at Just my two cents worth.
You are right, it is a critical time for scouring calves. It is their mineral reserves that is most critical, along with dehydration. But dumping any amount of nutrition before the digestive tract has stabilized isn't going to help much.
I'll agree with your Vet on this one. The powder you are using is yeasts, coagulating bacterial cultures, dried fish meal and garlic. I tend to roll my eyes when a product employs the magical healing properties in garlic.

Stopping the diarrhea while maintaining electrolytes should be the focus. After that, feel free to employ any folk tale remedy you please, raw eggs, probiotics, yogurt, whatever.

BTW, doesn't REMEDY come from a Lab?
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Old 06/24/16, 10:18 AM
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I totally agree with these comments, especially about stress associated with sale barn calves. I only bought at sales barns as a last resort. These calves are subjected to so much stress you are bound to have numerous health problems. The one thing that I do to combat stress and sickness is to drench them for several days with a product called Recover. This is an all natural nutritional supplement that you can also add to their milk replacer. I have saved many sale barn calves this way. I prefer to go arouns to my local dairies and talk with the owners. I started raising calves when I was a young kid. I went to one dairy and wanted to buy a Brown Swiss heifer calf. He stated that he raises his own heifers, but would give me a one time chance. The only stipulation was that he had first chance at buying it back. Well he so liked what I did that he asked me to raise as many as his heifers as I wanted. Some times you only have to ask, but then you have to prove yourself. Not sure about giving the website to find Recover, but it is the only place that you can buy it.
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