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My city slicker parents did what you are about to do, albeit, full on prairie (no woods).
Dad/Mom had zero farming experience, but Dad had a mechanical background, which is very important on a grain farm. He went to night school over the first winter - agriculture. I suspect it made a difference. We prospered, over time.

Neither of them got 'town' jobs. Farm just grew in size...1 section (640 acres) to 4.2 sections...nowadays, on a grain farm, that is on the small side.

Later, he did mechanical work on other farmer's vehicles, and picked up odd work using his heavy machinery to make roads. But, making the land produce was front and center...we eventually ditched the cattle operation and went all grain. Obviously, depends on what you have...maybe your land is only suitable for grazing. Maximize that, if that is the case.

I was 8 when they hauled my ### onto the prairie...we were well taken care of, food kids would have unofficial competitions to see who could eat the most Big slabs....I've been trying to get my stomach back to normal size ever since...
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