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Human nature to take the bits of information and create a picture in your mind of possible challenges.

Much of my experience is in soil and climate that creates wonderful hay fields and pastures. Even in this environment, battling weeds is a real challenge.

If I wanted to eliminate every palatable plant and propagate a variety of noxious weeds, I'd graze cattle for 40 years without regard to annual accumulations of fresh weed seeds.

As most gardeners will tell you, once weed seeds are sown in the soil, they will germinate over and over for a decade or more.

If you are willing to become educated about various herbicides that can eliminate the pest plants and nurture desirable plants, that is a start. Having sunlight to grow pasture is universal. Adequate amounts of water, throughout the growing season, not as common. Soil ph and fertility is the next challenge. Most plants require a neutral ph and sufficient amounts of N, P and K.

Rural communities, with low populations make, "I'll go to town and get a job or two." unlikely. While the Canadian tar sands and North Dakota oil fields employ many, your slice of heaven might not have the Help Wanted sign out.

Raising pigs along the edges of the woods will be great for the wolves and bear. They tend to prefer to eat baby pigs away from open areas.

What a journey! Fixing up a place to live, mending long neglected fences, building and repairing farm buildings, buying and repairing farm equipment. Learning about livestock nutrition, repairing the soil, plus all the other fun stuff like cooking, canning, butchering, perhaps milking, making your own soap, jams and jellies, maybe shearing sheep, carding wool, spinning and making your own dyed yarn. Plus learning and holding down a job in town. Wow. Makes me wish I was 24 again.
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