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Welcome! And get ready for major culture shock You are wise to want to start slow, so often people jump in with both feet and then find they can't handle the learning curve.
So congrats on having common sense. One resource that is excellent is Stockman Grass Farmer, They have books, DVD's, etc. which are reasonably priced and have solid info.
Know your soil types, water availability, and how to renovate pastures? All would be good to find out before making plans. And check your fencing, the good fences make good neighbors rule is pretty important. Just ask anyone (me) who's chased the neighbor's bull and heifers off the garden in a pouring rainstorm, at night, wonder how that happened? Are the family currently there to help in the transition? Meet your neighbors, even those who are several miles away are neighbors out in the country, and maybe listen to what they've got to say about living and farming there, the voice of experience is good, you can make your own decisions but getting input often saves time and mistakes.
Enjoy the wide open spaces, and keep us posted on your journey!
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