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Originally Posted by donrae View Post
He's telling you "she needs to be 2 when she calves".....or what? She's gonna die if she doesn't have her first calf at 2? Be permanently sterile? Grow a second head?

Always beware of owners of intact male livestock of any species who want to use your female animals simply as a walking uterus.
I believe he is just wanting to see if his young bull can " do the job" and to see what the cross would be like. He knows I only want to breed her so I can milk, I am not interested in keeping the calf...but want to breed her safely and so that the calf would be able to be sold easily. I most likely will talk to my vet about AI...and see about having her done that way. I DEFINITELY do not want to use an inexperienced young bull that potentially could cause injury to my Daisy.
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