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Originally Posted by Belfrybat View Post
I think it depends on her age. If she is still in her growing years, then I would not recommend going vegan. It is just too hard to get enough protein. Suggest she waits until she's out of school.
Its tough not to get enough protein if you get enough calories. Meaning calories from real food (as unprocessed as possible), not candy or modern immitation engineered food from a factory.

The real danger of vegan diet is that it tends to be grain based and overly high in carbohydrates. Guess what, carbs turn to sugar. Also your body tends not to send the "hey stupid stop eating I'm full" signal as rapidly with heavy carb diet.

You can eat a relatively low carb vegan diet, but its not easy. Basically lot fresh non-starchy, non-sugary produce and natural fats/proteins from nuts and oily seeds. Yea nobody said it would be cheap (unless you have your own year round garden) and its nearly impossible to try and find low carb meal when eating out, carbs are cheap and highly profitable. Even meat usually is breaded or has some sugary glaze or sauce on it.
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