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Originally Posted by G. Seddon View Post
If she just turned 1, I'd hold off. The last thing you need is an immature heifer giving birth to a calf and not knowing what to do. I've been known to hold off breeding for months to allow heifer to mature more (physically and mentally). You could even wait until June to breed her (at 18 months) and go for a spring 2018 calf. Don't know your location, but climate and weather can influence when you breed also.

It would also give you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with what you'll need to know as she grows. If you plan to milk her, you'll be able to prepare yourself to train her for this. There are books and websites on family cows.

I know there are many differing opinions on when to breed; this is just mine.
Thank you for your input. I am in IN, so our Springtime weather has been known to be brutal some years. I do feel she is still a bit immature, since when I enter the pasture, sometimes she will start running and kicking up her heals, throwing her head around, running towards me. I always carry a slender board, my " moo stick" which when I hold it up, she immediately calms down and walks gently to the barn. The way she runs kicking and bucking, tells me she is still immature. ( I think)
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