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Talking So, we have a cow.

Last summer, 2016, I was presented with a deal I could NOT pass up. Someone I knew had been after my husband to sell him his pickup truck for some time. They never could agree on a price until finally this friend came to me and said..." I think I have a solution, I will give you $600 and this 2 1/2 month old calf, 1/2 Angus, 1/4 Holstein 1/4 some other dairy breed ( I can't remember) for that truck." Now, I know that truck is NOT worth much,however because my husband drug his feet for so long, this guy was willing to pay , in my opinion, way more than what it was worth. It was a 2002 Chevy, 2 wheel drive with OVER 300 thousand miles. My heart raced, my pulse quickened, I stayed calm and told him I would discuss it with my husband. Inside I was " freaking out" I calmly walked away until he was out of sight then I took off running to the house. It took a few minutes to convince him, but my husband finally agreed to the deal. I WAS GIDDY! I was about to become the owner of our very first cow....Daisy May. I instantly fell in love with this little chocolate brown cow with big brown eyes. Of course I did so many things wrong. Firstly, I treated her like a puppy...a pet...Leading her on a leash, brushing her, laying in the hay with her, dreaming of fresh milk and great cheese. NOT thinking one day she would be over 1000 pounds and could become quite pushy! December 27th 2016 she turned 1 yr old. I now know the "issues" of an over friendly season. Oh boy! The guy I got her from is not a well seasoned cattle breeder as last summer was his first time owning cows as well. He has been trying to convince me to breed her so she would settle down but from what I read, I need to wait until she is 2 before breeding her. He is arguing with me telling me that she needs to be 2 when she breeding her now would be OK. ( he has a mini Hereford bull he wants to breed to her ) So tell me.....should I breed her now or wait? I don't want to take any chances in losing her during calving. This picture is of her when I first brought her home, February 2016. Isn't she a doll?
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