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Originally Posted by LuckySpotFarm View Post
We raise standard rex rabbits as a meat source as well as we have been saving their pelts. This past year we would try to sell a couple babies to hope cover the cost of the rabbits feed bill (we like to try to be as self sufficient as possible as far as money).

Previously I had seen online that someone sold some of their babies to stores like Rural King and Tractor supply. Has anyone done this? I'd love to get a cost idea, we generally sell our babies anywhere from $20-40 a piece so I'm sure we won't get that but when we sell to people its hit or miss as to if we get any sold and then we have random people at our property which I don't like.

Anyone have any idea how much they give for them and how old they want them?

Demand and Location makes a difference. Here the farm stores sell the rabbits for around $15. They would give me $8 for "tame" rabbits----rabbits that a kid can hold. Plus I have to buy back any that are not sold. The fancy small breed young rabbits sell for $25 to $40 average---I could get about 1/2 that from them---if they Needed any. SO I just raise Californians and white New Zealand's for meat---if someone wants to buy some before freezer time---fine---if not they get processed. No demand for rabbits here.
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