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No processing? How much vinegar and how much water? Has to be at least half vinegar. Then you'd have to put the jar into the fridge for storing, not on the shelf or not kept at room temperature.

This is a form of what used to be called "open-kettle canning" and it's been UNapproved for many decades.
Why is open kettle canning not recommended?
In open kettle canning, food is cooked in an ordinary kettle, then packed into hot jars and sealed without processing. The temperatures obtained in open kettle canning are not high enough to destroy all spoilage and food poisoning organisms that may be in the food. Also, microorganisms can enter the food when it is transferred from the kettle to jar and cause spoilage.
If you browse through the FAQs at NCHFP you'll find a wealth of information about all these old unapproved methods.
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