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Originally Posted by GREENCOUNTYPETE View Post
DW makes our bar soap.. not sure what it costs, she does it for fun.
Otherwise Kirk's Castile 89 cents a bar.
In NWA Kirks has not been below a dollar for 10 years! Now it is $ 1.89 ea. I have used it for years, way back when P&G still made odd stuff. They reorganized, eliminated many products and now exist to feed WalMart. I get Hurracan brand commercial washing powder from a motel that is an electrical client of mine and get a 4 gallon+ bucket for about $17. It lasts me a year. Sometimes I add a box of Borax to stretch it. I have made the liquid washing stuff with borax, washing soda, Fell's and for the trouble it takes to make, would just as soon buy the commercial powder.

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