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I buy handmade soap, from a local place. I will buy soap from other soapmakers, but I have found the one I prefer... and I pay $6/bar for about a 4-5 oz bar. I'd pay more, too. They do also have a 3/$15 deal that I usually buy - I visit shows where they will be a couple times a year and like to stock up when I can.

I will not pay less than $5 for a bar of soap - if it is priced lower than that, it makes me doubt the quality and I don't want to take a risk.

My preferences with soap - I do not usually care for essential oil soaps. I like peppermint and I like lemongrass and the rest all smell the same to me - too medicinal. I like fragrance oil soaps, and I like fun, bright colors. I prefer fruity or foodie scents, not so much the florals, and I do like fresh herbals but I hate lavender. So I'm not one of the 100% natural soap buyers. I do like lard soap, fwiw. I used to be a soapmaker and I liked my lard and cocoa butter soap the best.

Laundry soap is Gain Apple Mango Tango because I prefer the fragrance
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