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Natalie Redding is the high-shepherdess at Namaste Farms, yoga-ing, beer drnking, former model and mother of five turned farmer. She is hilarious, irreverent, and all-round generous fiber producer.

Her youtubes are awesome (I especially love the one about her shearing an alpaca all by herself) and they are informative as well as entertaining.

Namaste Farms has a ravelry group and Natalie has monthly breed boxes for sale to subscribers. AND she GIVES AWAY stuff all the time including her awesome fiber. I myself scored a pound of her amazing BFL. and a friend up here scored a whole box of drum carding add ins and bits and baubles.

Natalie was very vocal during taping of this series that she wanted it to be REAL and not contrived like so many reality shows. Natalie's life IS a three ring circus and needs no embellishment. She really DOES spin in stiletto heels and lace-up bustiers (her yoga instructor gives her a terrible time about the stilettos) . She really DOES shear sheep wearing that jinormous marblesized diamond. Hers is a schizophrenic lifestyle- kind of like all of ours~

If anyone can TAPE it (like on old VHS/VCR tape?) I would LOVE to borrow your copy since we cannot get it out here.

Melungeon and proud of it!

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